Nutrition and Dietetics Edition

In a recent development at the College, the Nutrition and Dietetics Department of School of Public Health Science organized a departmental debate which was held at the College main Campus between ND I and ND II Students

The Topic

“For proper Nutrition food fortification is more preferable than food supplementation” where the NDI Students Opposed the motion proposed by
the ND II students. Accordingly the Head of Department Mrs. Ishaq Raliat Ajene stated that the event was organized in order to kick start the preparation for the 2nd Annual Nutritional conference of the Department coming up on the 14th July 2022.
The Debate which was held on 30th June 2022 witnessed the presence of the Provost, the Registrar, the Deputy Provost, other management staff, and also the students of various departments.

The Provost in his opening speech expressed his interest in the event while also encouraging such activity within the college adding that it has a positive impact on the students and helps creating a friendly learning environment.

The highly intense and entertaining debate which saw both sides presenting valid points to defend their motion ended up with the ND I students winning by a narrow margin. The ND I participants include Ruth William Doosun, Osanga sadiya Usman and Sulieman Amina Ayuba while the ND II class were represented by Emmanuel rejoice bitrus, Toryilla nguevese joy and Hafsat Umar Alhassan.


ND II represented by Emmanuel Rejoice Bitrus,
Toryilla Nguevese Joy and Hafsat Umar Alhassan

The Deputy Provost, in her closing remarks, praised the Department and the participants for their effort stating that both sides had solid points that backed their claims. She further explained that food fortification and supplementation are important practices but stressed that food fortification is more favorable as it is easier to achieve and cost-effective.

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